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All the photo's on this site are from my own collection.

(please excuse the quality of the photos as I know as much about photography as a Butcher knows about needlework)


I am a collector not a dealer.

     (Nothing is for sale).


Oak country Desk with well above the two top draws c1710.

The same desk opened.

Mahogany Butler's tray

Regency rosewood card table

Carved Oak Chest c1670-80.

A country made Oak
chest-on-stand c1690.

30 hour oak longcase clock 
by Plimmer 
of Wellington Shropshire
c 1795.

Elm side table c1770.

Mahogany clothespress c1825.

Pine cricket table c1800.

Dropside Mahogany Irish table c1760.

Mahogany French table c1790.the apron round the top has been added in early Victorian times as they thought it stopped warping.

Oak corner cupboard
c1800. It has shell inlays with mahogany banding

Georgian  Mahogany sideboard c1820.The turned legs indicate late Georgian period

Mahogany Pembroke table c1790 A plain simple country version.

Oak gateleg table c1680.

17th. century Oak Bible Box c1680.

A few things that I have had and no longer have
and the photos are really bad.

two Japanese signed Bronze elephants

Chinese bronze Sung period

cottage chair c1815

William IV mahogany chair c1835

camphor wood travelling chest c1800

oak with mahogany handles chest c1810

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