Again not the usual type of

from many Countries round the World.

Ashanti necklace from the Ivory Coast
sand cast beads c1900.

Snake beads called 
so because the individual
beads are made to look
like snake segments.

Padre beads used in Mexico and among the north American indians.

Chinese bead necklace c1900.

Islamic necklace with Arabian proverbs on each bead c1900.

Russian trade bead necklace used in Alaska before the USA bought it in 1864 these beads dated c1800. 

African the Cameroon's 
trade beads c1850.

Green heart trade bead
used all over the world

Hudson Bay trade beads also
used all over the world

Chinese mutton fat jade
child's bracelet c1870.

Sumerian stone bead necklace, type of 3000 BC., black & white stone beads found in Tel Ahmar near the Euphrates, must have taken ages to make.

Niger Djenne  terra-cotta necklace 500-800 years 
old, ancient Timbuktu trade route piece.

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