Andy's Antiques Page.

This stuff is not really new I've had it for years,
it is only new to my web-page.

Front view.
A Te-Hua (Fukien) Blac-De-Chine
figure of Bhodidharma the disciple who brought Bhuddism to China
in the seventeenth century
of the late Ming period.

Close up of head.

Bottom view showing how the head protrudes through from the top.
In the view of the bottom, you can see that it is hollow and the porcelain is very thick, it has fire cracks, and the head has been put on last, as you can see by the way it protrudes on the inside, which you can see in the picture,  all of these things are  very typical of the late Ming period porcelain figures.

Side view

19th century 
African mask
This is a nineteenth century African mask, in the back of it, it has printed in indian ink which a previous owner must have  put there the words
"Labala Pindan Pindan" I presume it is a district in Africa but I Haven't been able to find  out yet. {maybe Baule Tribe from the Ivory Coast?}

side view of mask

18th century tea caddy front view.
             "TEA CADDY"
In the 18th. early 19th. century the women of the well to do families didn't go out to work. So they found something else to do with their hands and so did different craft work of which curled paper work was one, the local carpenter would make the box and the woman would do the curled paper part, this is a very good example.

another front view.

top view of caddy.

showing caddy open.

back view of caddy.

close up of lock showing initials of the original owner

panel showing curled paper work.

another panel.

still another panel.

The carved lid of a table snuff mull
c1818 (the head of princess Charlotte) who died in child birth that year,
if she had lived she would have been Queen of England instead of Queen Victoria.

Salt glazed head the top of the head lifts off and it is a container for something.

Salt glazed gin bottle commemorating Queen Victoria coming to the throne of England in 1837. on the back it has impressed "QUEEN ALEXANDRINA VICTORIA" meaning that they jumped the gun and made it before they had decided what  her title would be.  (Alexandrina or Victoria)  so it is a rare piece. made by Bourne potteries Denby & Condor Park.

A late 19th. century STEDE porringer

View of the reverse side of porringer

A poor picture of the mark on the reverse side of porringer

Very old Anchovy Paste jar c1835
This is new  I just got it, it is an Early 20th century (1910) Sampler very faded otherwise it is in very good condition, on the back of the material is a trade mark (McCall 1729).
A very old c1870 black teapot  it has no makers marks on it possibly Milton Pottery in Otago New Zealand?

This is a very early newspaper it was published once a week the daily newspaper hadnt started yet the date of this paper is March 14-21 1659 it is ten pages

Here are a few keys the top left a early music box key the four bottom ones are 18th century or earlier keys can be a fascinating little antique to collect and shouldn't be very expensive

My Grandfathers old silver pocket watch hall marked for 1883 bought on his 26th birthday and still in good working order.

A nice snuff box made of horn c1850

showing interior of box

A wooden snuff box in the shape of a shoe c1845


showing how it opens

A very nice table snuff box with a carved head of Princess Charlotte on it she would have been the Queen of England but she died in childbirth in 1817 so Victoria became Queen.

box open

side view

I don't know if these things have been of any interest to anyone but I hope so.

Photo's kindly taken by
Robert Gale