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  oil by David Fulton.  FULTON DAVID.         Scottish artist.
                              Died 1930. Landscape,Interior and figure painter and Engraver, studied at Glasgow School of Arts. RSW. 1890. exhibited 1880- 1929.
exhibited RA. 1883.  in the late 1980s. a painting was sold for £13,000.
                    this painting is an
              oil “Scottish Scene c.1883 “.

water colour by Reuben Chappell
Doris in Storm.
CHAPPELL Reuben.     1870-1940.
                                                       By the age of twenty he had set himself up as a ship painter at Goole, much of his work being commissioned by the Masters and crews of Danish ships. In 1904 he moved to Cornwall on account of his health where he remained for the rest of his life he never exhibited, but worked only on commission.
During the 1st. world war he made watercolour plans for improvement in ship construction which were considered by the Ministry of Defence. he did little work after 1930, these paintings are--
             Watercolour “Doris of Padstow in storm”.
              Watercolour “Doris of Padstow in calm”.

water colour by Reuben Chappell
Doris in Calm.
A copy of R. Chappel's signature.

watercolour by Myra Thompson
 THOMPSON Myra Annie Mildred (Myra) nee Lane. 1894-1984.       Dunedin artist.
                                                                                                  She was born in Dunedin, elected member of the Otago Art Society 1916 and continued to exhibit for sixty years, she was on the OAS council for twenty years and served two terms as president in the 1950’s, she was connected with the Lanes Cordial Factory.

..this is a Watercolour--- “The Octagon”.(in Dunedin New Zealand).


A watercolour by LORRAINE GILL a Dunedin artist, of "AITCHESON HOUSE"  Hillgrove (near Moeraki Otago N.Z.).painted 1999.
also does oils and porcelain painting

 Watercolour by H. M. H. Smith c1905.

Watercolour "Schoolmates" by Lorna Hormann
Dunedin Artist, member of the Otago Art Society,
this was. painted in 1976 & exhibited at the O.A.S. 
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