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Parkinsonia, Jurassic-Inferior Colite.
Shell tightly coiled, laterally flattened,
numerous ribs straight or slightly curved on inner & outer whorls, but branched on outer whorls, ventral margin which is also grooved. Up to 4" in diameter.

FOSSIL FISH. Knightia alta from the Green River shale formation of Western Wyoming sometime during the Eocene Epoch of  geologic time (50,000,000 years ago)

Section of cheek tooth of a MASTODON  2 to 3 million BC. Quaternary-Tertiary Epoch, Pleistocene-Miocene.
fossil sharks teeth, the white ones from an unknown provenance  & the dark one from marl deposit at Green Island Dunedin Otago New Zealand.

Rock with fossil shells from Measly Beach South Otago New Zealand.

Another rock with shells provenance unknown.

Pecten. World-wide. Upper Eocene to recent times. Width 1 to 8 inches. This specimen from California USA.

Upper palaeozoic era carboniferous 
coal measures (British Isles}.
Pennsylvanian (North America).
c.310-280 million years BC.
A seed fern with fronds of numerous small blunt oval leaflets or pinnules, opposite each other on the main stem. found Dugger, Indiana. USA.

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