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Nice jug with diamond registration mark

Chelsea-Derby c1770
after Derby took over the Chelsea

A figure by Agatha Walker a studio
potter who specialized in theatrical figures this is "Alfred Heather" as "Filch" in
"The Beggars Opera", 1922


Child's teaset plate 4" c1860.

Pratt potlid c1865.

Another Pratt potlid. c1865.

Bow figure damaged c1756.

These are the marks that are on the bottom of the bow figure, they are the anchor & dagger marks, even though the figure is damaged, it is still worth having.

Staffordshire Porcelain figure
porcelain figures are not as
common as earthenware. c1850

click clCcc

late Victorian Staffordshire figure
of the Princess of Wales Alexandria with  the young  prince George who later became King GeorgeVI 

Staffordshire figure of the Ettrik Shepard c1860.

Early Staffordshire figure of one of the four seasons (Spring) c1810

Cow cream jug made by Goebels Germany c1950

Doulton Jug put out for Queen Victoria's 60th jubilee in 1897.

front view of the same jug.

Sarum Kettle still has its original wooden stopper made by DOULTON's  c1895.

showing stopper.

picture showing the decoration on the side of the kettle

the mark on the bottom of the Doulton "Sarum Kettle"
A Meissen hard paste  porcelain figure 5 3/4 inches high  c1815.
Picture of the base of the Meissen figure showing the crossed swords mark, the figure has been damaged it used to hold a bird in her hands but it is still a nice figure.


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