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         17th. century Persian tile.

              17th. century Persian
                 three sided bottle. 

           Copenhagen teapot c1805.

       Staffordshire porcelain teapot

             2 Delft vases c1755.

           part Derby tea set c1795.

         A Davenport jug c1805 &
           a Wedgwood jug c1815.

            Derby comport c1810.

    Two Job Ridgeway plates c1805.

    Japanese porcelain vase c1890.

        reverse of Japanese vase.

      Two Mason jugs, c1813. c1845.

      Two Staffordshire cows c1845.

      Sunderland pink lustre jug 

          Wedgwood teapot c1805.

  Two Worcester jugs & a coffee pot,
   c1760-1780  the Dr. Wall period.

             A poor picture of a
                  Walton figure 

            Staffordshire figure 
               of the cobbler


This is a wonderful  LARGE Doulton Burslem  bowl, in the "Willow" pattern, which is rare in Doulton, in fact this is the first one that I have ever seen, dating c1901, it measures 4" high x 9" in diameter, and would make a STUNNING addition to any collection. 
It is in perfect condition, there is NO crazing, chips, cracks, hairlines or repairs (restorations). 

This is the stamp on the bottom of the Doulton bowl. normally I would never dream of collecting Doulton, I have never liked it, but this bowl appealed to me it goes with the rest of my Blue & White of which I have a large collection.

Swansea Cambrian Pottery fl, 1783-1870 From 1783-1802 the impressed mark "SWANSEA" was used

A pretty little three & a half inch miniature plate by L. Gill done 2001 

reverse of plate 

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