Andy's Antique Page.

       Native & Ancient Things.

Ebony carving from the Congo,

Melanesian stone chisel or axe the most symmetrical piece I have ever seen. 

Two 18th. century Maori chisels. They could be much earlier.

19th. century ceremonial club from Papua New Guinea. The head is the jaw bone of a pig.

19th century Coconut husker from Samoa. The top of the handle has had quite a pounding.

Very old Malayan Kris, the handle has been replaced many times over the years, blade is really very old.

Cannanite votive figure c1000 B.C.
excavated in northern Israel in the 1960s.

2 stone spindle whorls, part of fibula, stylus & the bowl of a spoon all bronze, Roman c100 A.D. The bronze items were excavated in Yorkshire England.

More Mixed.
two lead slingshot from ancient Greece, couple of fibula, Egyptian amulet c1400.B.C.


A container for a tattooist's colour about 6ins. long little carving on top lip & bottom shaft from Samoa 19th. century.

Large iron Spear point 19th. century Africa. - two bronze points from Persia c3000BC.

Three manillas the were used in the early 19th century for trading slaves on the Ivory Coast in Africa.

Two ancient Egyptian ushabti one glazed, one unglazed  c700BC.

The Above items are a few of the many things that I have collected over the years and there are many more.
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